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The Vault - Galway

The Vault

An indoor youth centre combining a skate park, bouldering wall, cafe restaurant and event spaces, in the heart of Galway City.

The Vault will be a 1,300m2 multi-functional sports, arts and events space in Galway City Centre. The Vault aims to provide a much needed resource for children, teens and young adults in the city centre, an active space to socialise, hang out and share and learn. A controlled space filled with positive peers and programming.

Full planning permission was granted for The Vault in June 2017


Size: 1,300m2

Date: 2016-17

Client: The Vault

Status: In Progress

Team: Daryl Mulvihill, Giovanni Lavanna, João Pedro Faria

Galway - The Vault5.jpg
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The large basement space has a bouldering wall along one edge, and a skatebowl at one end, the space pivots around a central cafe with raised seating and a small soft play area for younger kids.

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The skating area was designed in consultation with the local skating group the Galway Skateboard Association, a new skate park is needed in Galway particularly an indoor sheltered skating area for the autumn and winter months.

On site consultation with the Galway Skateboard Association

On site consultation with the Galway Skateboard Association

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